Bani Hill Band is carried by 7 men with strong voices, perfectly dominated instrumentals and devotion to their music with inexhaustible power and energy. These guys can catch your attention and they won’t let you go. The energy of their music flows easily as it is coming deep from the soul and spreading the roots of their homeland.
With members coming from different regions, both East and West Sakartvelo, Bani combines the Georgian folk songs with the whole Caucasus music and culture in their own style. Sakartvelo music reaches millennia back as choir singing is one of the things that reflects national authenticity and is recognized by UNESCO as a world’s masterpiece of polyphony. This unique singing style was formed during centuries and was transmitted from generation to generation. Bani Hill Band plays music that sounds with traditions and very new at the same time. Listening to Bani you might visualize mountains, you might cry or dance, they will give it all!! Bani Hill Band lives a style of a true artist, each member of a band is gifted with something!! For instance Beso plays keyboard in the band, he is considered to be one of the best base voices of opera singers in Georgia and maybe in the world.
Bani was born in the streets of Tbilisi and became popular in all the region of Caucasus and beyond. Bani goes to play from small weddings to the biggest festivals and halls, their songs are heard all over Caucasus, from small bars to top radio stations. One song has even reached to be a hit song in the region.
At the same time they stayed simple and never forgot the streets.






Line up

Mate Pirtskhelava – panduri, vocal

Raul Bitsadze – panduri, vocals

Besik Metreveli – garmon

Goga Nikoladze – bass, vocals

Gela Gogishvili – drum doli, vocals

Besik Kvitsiani – keyboards, vocals

Beqa Miqadze – electronic drums, vocals



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Thijs Vandewalle


Derapage Productions
Greg Connan


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