Nomads’ Roots is an absolute must for those who want to experience the power and spirituality of nomads on their journey of self-discovery. The Tuvan nomads Huun Huur Tu and the Sahara Bluesman Anewal bring together the spiritual power of a nomadic universe on stage.
Their music blends millennia-old lifestyles with the forces of nature to form a unique soundscape. Traditional songs evoke the beauty of nature in Taiga and the Sahara. Modern compositions lament the change to and disappearance of nomadic cultures around the globe.
Thousands of kilometers lie between the livestock of Huun Huur Tu and those of Anewal. In the small country of Lithuania, the world-class musicians come together to produce “Nomads’ Roots”: a musical call for the preservation and importance of nomadic life in modern society as well as a brand new look to movement as a universal and natural process.




Line up

Kaigal-ool Khovalyg – vocals (khöömei, sygyt, kargyraa), igyl
Radik Tyulyush – vocals (barbang-nadyr), byzaanchi, khomuz (jew’s harp)
Alexej Saryglar – vocals (Sygyt), tuyug (horse hooves), tungur (shaman-drum), igyl
Sayan Bapa – vocals (kargyraa & khöömei), toschpulur, guitar, igyl
Alhousseini Anivolla – vocal, guitar
Smail May Khabou – calebash, djembe