A mango tree needs about six years to give fruits in abundance. Six years ago, Black Mango was showing its first roots with a limited edition 2-track EP released on Glitterbeat Records. More than a cover, the instrumental and etheral ‘Venus’ was an hommage and an adaptation of the classic Velvet Underground’s ’Venus in Furs’.
Black Mango was already showing that its roots were not only African culture and thatrock music was the ideal fertilizer for their unique sound.
The press release for that first EP ended with the words ‘’We can only hope that this is not the last musical transmission we will hear from Black Mango’’. One Root Music is proud to announce a full lenght album from Black Mango.
Not a world music album, not a rock music album, Quicksand, the long awaited album is an incredible patchwork of rhythms and sounds, fuzzy guitars meeting malian traditional instruments, with different singers. All players and singers are part of well known malian groups, Black Mango is the place where they can find shade, under the burning hot sun of Mali, reuniting from time to time on a period of 2 years. And they want to stay in the shade and anonymous. Recorded in Bamako and mixed in Australia by genius musical adventurer Hugo Race (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The True Spirit, DirtMusic, Fatalists…) Black Mango is a studio delirium, a phantasm to have Malian virtuosos, with traditional or modern instruments playing a music out from any world music cliché, soaked with classic and indie rock.