Georgia has very rich choir culture and only few countries around the world could compare to that culture. Georgian polyvalent singing is special due to three voice technique and all Georgian song and dance culture is very rich and versatile. The choir singing is one of the things that reflects national Georgian authenticity and is recognized by UNESCO as a world’s masterpiece of polyphony. This unique singing style was formed during centuries and was transmitted from generation to generation. You will be introduced to this tradition by seven rich voices of men from Georgian folk band “Bani”.

“Bani” in Georgian language means low note. In traditional singing performances this note belongs to the singer with the lowest voice and all the sound of the song is adapted to that low note. These songs mesmerizes with the beauty of theirs.

Folk band “Bani” is being admired by thousands of fans. They are admired due to fiery Georgian dances, wonderful low voices, devotion and their energy. Seven men catches your attention with their voices and their music makes you dance. The repertoire of “Bani” is authentic Georgian music and dances that is being performed in a modern fashion. Their songs are about love, the divine nature of Georgia, strong friendship, love to your motherland and respect for your elderlies.




Line up

Mate Pirtskhelava – vocals, panduri

Raul Bitsadze – vocals, panduri

Besik Metreveli – vocals, acordion

Goga Nikoladze – bass

Gela Gogishvili – vocals

Besik Kvitsiani – vocals, keyboards

Beqa Miqadze – drum